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And Gain Unique Insights Into Your Physical

Mental and Brain Wellness

Neurogenics Health Assessments

NEUROGENICS FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE CLINIC  provides advanced diagnostic and treatment strategies for people presenting with a wide spectrum of brain and mental health issues such as brain fog, anxiety, depression, mental fatigue, burn out syndrome alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, ADHD and traumatic brain injury. We look, in depth, at brain health and mental health issues and what is influencing their function both from the inside and the outside.

An analysis of brain health, mental health and physical health should also include an analysis of thyroid function, gut function, auto-immunity, the adrenal glands and lifestyle patterns such as dietary habits, exercise and sleeping patterns. They are all hugely influential to the health and function of your brain and mental health.



Discovery Consultation Fee : £75

Who Is This Assessment For ?

memory loss


bipolar disorder 

Parkinson's disease



ADHD ( child and adult )

and more ...



Discovery Consultation Fee : £75

What Is This Assessment For ?



bipolar disorder 

anger issues

stress issues  

seasonal affective disorder

loss of direction in life

and more ...



Discovery Consultation Fee : £75

What Is This Assessment For ?

gut problems

thyroid dysfunction

adrenal dysfunction

hormonal imbalances

liver / gall bladder dysfunction  

lowered immunity

blood sugar disorders

and more ...

Our Areas Of Clinical Expertise

We provide cutting edge research to empower you to make smart decisions to improve your physical and mental health, your feelings of wellness. We are here to help you get the best out of your body and brain. To achieve that you need to understand something of how they work and why things sometimes go wrong. THAT IS THE PURPOSE OF OUR DISCOVERY CONSULTATIONS. 

In Which Area Do You Need Help The Most ?

The Discovery Consultation

Gain Unique Insights Into Your

Physical Health,

Mental Health

 Emotional Health

Brain Health 

What's included in your discovery consultation ?

1. full discussion on your symptoms

( see 'Getting Started' below )

2. analysis of past blood tests

3. recommendations as to further, required tests

4. treatment planning

Who Is the Discovery Consultation For ?

people seeking answers on the root cause(s) of their health concerns

people who want to know how to prioritise a return to optimal health

The Discovery Consultation Starts With You Prioritising Your Health Concerns

With A Full Review Of Your Symptoms

Our Guarantee To You

Provide a general description of the items below and introduce the services you offer. Click on the text box to edit the content.


Lifestyle Analysis

How well do you sleep ? How much exercise can you manage ? What is the quality of the food you eat ? And how much stress are you under ? These foundational elements are critical for brain health, mental and physical health.


Symptom Survey Analysis

Our online symptom survey analyses are a highly effective way of analysing your current symptoms AND gauging your progress when you engage with our treatment programs. A SYMPTOM SURVEY ANALYSES IS YOUR STARTING POINT WITH US. SEE GETTING STARTED BELOW.


Advanced Lab Tests

The Symptom Survey Analyses is your way of telling us what you are experiencing.  Blood tests are our way of telling you what is going on in the inside. Blood tests give a clear indication about the progression of health issues either for better or for worse.


The Mental Health Initiative


Cutting edge information on how to optimise, protect, and sustain your mental health. Optimal mental health is your most precious commodity, your most trusted ally.

Every month we review the best science, the most trusted publications to give you the most practical help.

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