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Memory problems are common at every stage in life and they can impair learning, working, relationships and even self reliance. Memory problems clearly get worse as we age, with 75% of older adults complaining about them. But memory problems are not just about the brain and just because a person may have memory problems does not necessarily mean they have Alzheimer's or some other form of dementia. 

Functional Medicine Treatment Programs For

  • brain fog

  • mild to moderate memory impairment 

  • concussion

  • alzheimers disease

  • vascular dementia

  • frontal lobe dementia

  • Parkinsons disease

It’s important to understand basic concepts about the developing brain
in order to effectively treat childhood developmental disorders.

We provide advanced diagnostic and treatment strategies based on current research for people suffering from memory problems be they mild, moderate or severe and from dementia and non dementia related causes.

The research clearly shows that early intervention through a highly structured therapeutic program that addresses the root causes of memory loss can have a major impact on the slowing the progression  and actually reversing the symptoms of memory loss. 


Some Non- Dementia Related
Causes Of Memory Loss

  • A previous traumatic brain injury

  • Issues associated with cerebellar disease or gluten ataxia

  • Subtle autoimmunity impacting brain function

  • Ongoing neuroinflammation

  • Blood-brain barrier permeability

  • An unmanaged blood sugar disorder

  • Unmanaged inflammation with a variety of possible causes

All of these factors by themselves can cause significant changes in brain chemistry. When more than one factor is present the effect can be greatly magnified. 

Neurogenics Brain Wellness Profiles

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