Child Development Clinic

Current statistics show that that up to 10 percent of children suffer from some type of developmental disorder.

Multiple factors impact how a child’s brain develops.

What are the mechanisms behind childhood developmental disorders, when do they start, and how do variables such a child’s diet and lifestyle impact them?

Functional Medicine Treatment Programs For

  • childhood depression

  • autism

  • ADD / ADHD 

  • dyslexia


  • PANS

  • anxiety disorders

  • learning disorders

  • tics

  • stuttering

It’s important to understand basic concepts about the developing brain
in order to effectively treat childhood developmental disorders.

  • When you’re looking at neurological development, it’s important to understand your best windows of opportunity.

  • Around ages six to eight, gray matter in the brain fully develops. This means you lose the potential for significant changes to the brain after this period. 

  • Between ages 18 to 20, the brain’s white matter fully develops, signifying the end of another time period to make significant impact

Failing to address childhood developmental disorders during critical periods of brain develop
can result in permanent issues and conditions such as ADHD or processing disorders.


Neurological Developmental Disorders Indicate A Child Has Not Been Reaching Proper Milestones

  • Discoordination

  • Inability to play sports

  • Balance issues

  • Frequent falls

  • Cognitive issues

  • Hard time reading

  • Issues with attention, focus, and concentration

  • Issues with memory and recall

  • Difficulty processing information and double tasking

These things happen because the brain is not developing appropriately.

We  teach parents these concepts and how to look out for signs of these disorders

We will share the most current research and develop personalised protocols and plans for your child's brain



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