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Hypothyroidism is a frequent cause of physical and mental health issues  and more than 90 percent of those cases are caused by autoimmune Hashimoto’s. Despite an explosion of research over the last decade, most of these patients continue to be let down by the mainstream medical model.

They go years and visit multiple doctors before receiving a diagnosis. Even then, most are told nothing can be done for Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism outside of thyroid medication.

Functional Medicine Treatment Programs For

  • hypothyroidism

  • hashimoto's disease 

Start Here : The Metabolic Profile

Our starting point for learning about you and to highlight the best way forward.

The Metabolic Profile is our starting point for gaining information about the frequency and severity of your symptoms in order to best advise you. The Metabolic Profile consists of a number of questions that you grade accordingly. Each group of questions relates to common symptoms from a specific body system. You can complete this online profile by clicking on the link below



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