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The incidences of infertility and miscarriages have exploded in the last 30 years and continue to rise, affecting millions of couples all over the world. Scientists are calling declining fertility rates a global crisis. 

At the same time, women who become pregnant are increasingly giving birth to children with chronic immune disorders such as asthma, allergies, autoimmune diseases. Neurological disorders such as ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, and more are also on the rise. Studies link many of these disorders to compromised maternal health.

Functional Medicine Treatment Programs For

  • pre conception health and wellness ( male and female )

  • pregnancy health and wellness 

  • post partum health and wellness

Lower your risk of giving birth to a child with brain and immune disorders

Improve your chances of a healthy recovery from pregnancy

Female fertility and pregnancy are about so much more than hormones

Multiple systems in the body work together for healthy female fertility — if one of those systems is unhealthy it can affect a woman's fertility and her ability to conceive.

The biggest misconception most people have about infertility is that it is primarily a hormonal disorder.

Female reproductive health also involves a complex integration of multiple pathways that maintain fertility and ensure a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Critical pathways include:

  • blood sugar stability

  • healthy thyroid function

  • optimal adrenal function

  • microbiome health

  • detoxification capacity

  • intestinal integrity

  • brain health

When it comes to fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health, countless numbers of women are struggling yet have few places to turn for genuine help.

We can help. Why ? Because we are at the cutting edge of research

Start Here : The Metabolic Profile

Our starting point for learning about you and to highlight the best way forward.

The Metabolic Profile is our starting point for gaining information about the frequency and severity of your symptoms in order to best advise you. The Metabolic Profile consists of a number of questions that you grade accordingly. Each group of questions relates to common symptoms from a specific body system. You can complete this online profile by clicking on the link below



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