Prescription Drugs and Dementia

A recent report in the BBC ( Wed 22nd Sep 2021 ) on the over prescribing of medicines says that many patients are being prescribed unnecessary and even harmful treatments. The review, in England, suggests one-tenth of items dispensed by primary care are inappropriate or could be changed. Around 15% of people take five or more medicines a day - some are to deal with the side-effects of the others.

A Growing Problem And The Tip Of An Iceberg

There is growing evidence that the overuse and misuse of certain classes of drugs are contributing to a host of brain and mental health problems including memory loss, brain fog, depression and even Alzheimer's and other dementias.

Among the classes of drugs in question are PPIs ( protein pump inhibitors ) for reducing stomach

acid, painkillers and anticholinergics.

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What's The Most Important Foundation For Protecting Your Memory ?

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